Current information on capacity


enough free space at the moment



As soon as the capacity reaches 100%, we cannot grant any further access. Only upon guests leave the bath, further admission is possible. In this case, please anticipate longer waiting time.



Is it possible to reserve tickets or deckchairs?
No, that’s not possible. Tickets are only available directly at the cash desk. There are no online tickets available to jump the queue.

What does “Capacity 100%” mean?
It means, that the bath and sauna area is full. Entrance is stopped until enough guests are leaving.

How long is the waiting time when entrance is stopped at 100%?
Approximately 60 minutes, depending on the actual situation and how many guests are still waiting in line.

Can you tell if – at 100% – the situation will be better later in the afternoon or evening?
According to our experience, yes, But also, depending on the actual situation.